Introducing Messe Radio

I'm happy to announce an addition to the family of shows: Messe Radio.

Messe Radio is an awesome show from WMSE Milwaukee.

Pete Rohde, the host of Messe Radio, describes his show best:

The vast majority of Music you hear on Messe Radio is new, even to me.

It is a conscious act of discovery. There is no distinction between Rock, Blues, Reggae, Jazz, Country, Folk, Spoken Word or World Music.

The Music blends, transitions, or provides dissonance, depending on when each piece presents itself. There is no plan or agenda, just the latest step in a journey I have been on for the past 34 years. It has been at times profound, or silly, but rarely predictable.

Through the miracle of the Internet, you are now welcome to join me. As always, I hope to entertain you, and possibly introduce you (and myself) to something new and Wonderful for your ears.

Hope you enjoy. Listen Now.